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Who Are We?

Beltaste originated from Vanreusel Snacks, a traditional Belgian family business.

Paul Vanreusel established the company in 1953, trading in artisanal meats. Less than two decades later, in 1970, Paul switched to frozen snacks and developed the well-known classics. In 1976, the very successful company was passed on to Paul’s four sons.

Due to the enormous production boost and increasing demand, Vanreusel had to increase its capacity considerably in the early 1990s. Today, the third generation, Paul-Emmanuel and Roel, is at the helm of the family business, now trading under the name Beltaste. In Hamont, Limburg, the company has since grown into a snack manufacturer with more than 250 employees.

Thanks to years of experience in fast service, and as a market leader in high-quality frozen meat snacks, the company is already positioning itself as an ideal partner for the entire food industry.

Our focus throughout the entire organisational structure is on offering solutions and working with customers to understand their wishes.

There is now a strong focus on both sustainable production and entrepreneurship, with unrivalled quality and great pride.


We have 3 production locations – one in Hamont (Belgium), one in Morahalom (Hungary) and another in Aalsmeer (The Netherlands).

In Belgium, we focus on cooking and roasting products, while in Hungary we only produce products on sticks such as satay and the like. In the factory in the Netherlands we produce traditional croquettes and bitterballen.


Our way of working?

The customer is always our focus, and we make every effort to deliver the desired product in the desired manner. And we do all of this with a view to maintaining a long-term relationship based on trust and open communication.

Due to the family nature of our company, our communication lines are short so we can flexibly and quickly anticipate your specific wishes.


Our mission

With our professional and dedicated team of loyal employees, our up-to-date production equipment, and our existing and future customers and suppliers, we want to offer innovative deep-frozen (and fresh) convenience foods in various industries in a transparent and sustainable way.

Our vision

We want to grow into the preferred supplier for innovative and high-quality convenience food for all our customer types.


Why work with Beltaste?

  • More than 60 years of experience in the industry
  • Specialised in frozen meat products, poultry and artisan croquettes
  • Up-to-date production equipment
  • Excellent value for money
  • Customised products
  • Service: fast deliveries and flexibility
  • IFS certified
  • Halal options
“We are most pleased when we can establish a partnership with satisfied customers.”

Beltaste professional

The range proposed below is only part of our production-related options. Working with the customer, we are happy to look at the entire process: from raw material to end product.


Production options

  • Machinery is suitable for producing various shapes, weights, colours, coatings, etc.
  • Different structures such as fine or coarse ground
  • Meat, vegetarian and halal 

Production techniques

  • Baking, steaming, frying, smoking
  • Puncturing
  • IQF
  • Frozen
  • Refrigerated

Packaging options

  • American folding box, sprinter boxes, etc.
  • Bulk packaging
  • Vacuum
  • Bagging

All this is possible in cooperation with our specialised R&D department to develop your own recipe if desired.


Beltaste has 2 of its own Foodservice brands in its portfolio: Vanreusel and Oma Bobs



The Vanreusel range is exclusively available for the hospitality industry. We provide as many options as possible, based on high-quality products, strong promotional materials and a good sales contact.

The wide range contains all well-known top snacks, such as frikandellen, meatballs, cervelas and a delicious, varied selection of hamburgers. But the snack market is dynamic. This is why we constantly focus on innovation and inspiration. With our HOT range, Mad Roosters Family, Zero range and Prohalal range we develop exclusive concepts.

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Oma bobs

Oma Bobs

With the takeover of the Dutch croquette factory Oma Bobs, Beltaste is expanding its brand portfolio. We offer many types of croquettes and bitterballen (from the standard beef croquette to the Vegan bitterbal) and they are produced exclusively for the hospitality industry, just like the snacks under the Vanreusel brand.  

For the Vanreusel family, the acquisition is an important next step in its growth strategy and ambition to further develop in the Netherlands. Beltaste wants Oma Bobs to grow into the largest artisan manufacturer of croquettes in the Netherlands without sacrificing the quality for which Oma Bobs has been known from the very beginning.

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Private Labels

Do you want to offer products under your own label? Then you should definitely choose Beltaste. We provide the perfect product that meets all your requirements.


If you are a manufacturer looking for semi-finished products with added value, we are happy to offer our team of product developers to work and support you.

IFS certified

Quality is very important to us, not only for food safety throughout the entire chain, but also for offering our customers a constant product. This is why we build up a long-term and stable relationship with all our suppliers, resulting in a stable and high-quality product.

We have been the holder of the IFS certificate since 2006. IFS stands for International Food Standard.


Our employees are involved in the pursuit of quality from day 1, and are therefore extremely proud of the products. We also provide the necessary hygiene and safety training and information to our personnel in the factory on a continuous basis.

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Sustainable business

Beltaste is focused on sustainable business. We are constantly investing in the following to do our part for social responsibility.

  • Responsible product
  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Ensuring people come first
  • Striving for 100% food safety and quality


View the Sustainability Report here



For job offers we would like to refer you to our Dutch site, because the official language in our company is Dutch.



Contact us

Beltaste Hamont NV
Lozenweg 30
3930 Hamont

Tel. +32 11/440460

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